An Unconsensual View

Table of Contents
Frontispiece: Voyage to Ecumene

Forward by John P. Sedgwick, Jr.

Introduction: Shifting Paradigms
1. Being Civilized
2. The Enumeration of Civilizations
3. Boundaries between Civilizations
4. Civilization in Context
5. Civil Systems
6. Comparing Pacific Rim Civilizations
7. Civilizations Galore
8. Civilized Consciousness
History and Theory
9. Redefining History
10. Historiology: The Term and the Concept
11. Protohistory: The Transition from Pre-Civil to Civil Society
12. History, Protohistory, and the Search for Synchronisms
13. Traditional Greek Conceptions of the Future
Precivil Cultures
14. Definitions of Culture
15. The Earliest Arrival of Celts in the British Isles
Cultural Diffusion and Diffusionism
16. Types of Cultural Diffusion
17. Ancient Transaltlantic Contacts
18. An Ancient Maritime Ecumene?
19. Aquaticism and Quantalism
Language and Culture
20. Language and Civilization
21. Early Eurasian Linguistic Links with North America
22. Bini Names in Nigeria and Georgia
23. Color Metaphors in Three Language Phyla
Comparisons and Contrasts
24. Sayings, Civil and Uncivil
25. The Personalities of Cultures
26. The “One World” Test
27. Dialog between Eastern and Western Religions
28. Culture as the Cultivation of Genius

Conclusion: Unconsensualities in the Process of Comparing Civilizations


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