“Empires served for centuries as the political means of interethnic regulation and survival of multi-ethnic communities even if through downright suppression of ethnic political autonomy. But generally it is the civilizational regulation which has proved to be much more persistent and of longer duration than intermittent empires and states.”

“It is often stressed that, at the ethnic level, culture is a source of vital values sustaining the primeval elements of living and orientation in the world; therefore it ensures the primary identity without which a person remains defenseless against the outer world. Moreover, if other carriers of salvation prove to be doubtful or uncertain, ethnic affiliation ensures a definite existential promise of immortality in the collective afterlife of the community with an identical history and destiny.”

“There is no doubt that "free market" has a highly ambivalent influence on interethnic relations. Bringing together various ethnic elements it promotes their mutual interest in the new possibilities. At the same time it greatly enhances rivalries for benefits derived from ascriptive criteria and calls into question ethnic ranking.”


by Boris S. Erasov

ISBN 0-9672671-0-2
59 pages


Boris Sergeevitch Erasov served as research coordinator at the Institute of Oriental Studies in Moscow, Professor at Moscow State University and Moscow Linguistic University, and Deputy Director of the Center of Eurasian Research. Editor of the almanac Civilizations and Cultures, Dr. Erasov was also the author of over one hundred publications, including Culture and Politics in the Orient, Social Culturology, and Comparative Study of Civilizations Reader.

Holding Russia Together is the first in the World Views series of pamphlets presenting the diverse views of distinguished scholars from various parts of the globe about the interrelationships of geopolitics, economies, civilizations, and cultures.


I. Ethnocentrism, Nationalism and Civilizational Regulation in Modern Eurasia
II. The Network Pattern of the Pacific Rim Civilization and Russia
III. Some Relevant Events in Russian History
IV. Civilizations and Cultures
V. Some References
VI. About the World Views Pamphlet Series

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